Same Day Dentures: Permanent Dentures in 1 Day

January 11, 2010

Getting dentures in a day doesn’t seem possible for many denture wearers. If you’ve heard of permanent same day dentures in the past, you may think that they are just too expensive. Or, maybe you haven’t heard of them yet because your dentist doesn’t offer them.

If you need dentures, consider getting same day dentures. I know of so many people, my grandparents included, who waited until the absolute last minute to get their dentures. And continue to wait until they can’t stand it for denture repairs. I can understand not wanting to be without your teeth. But, dentists have come up with a way to help you out.

Same day dentures are created the day you get your molds. These are more expensive than traditional dentures, but the benefits can far outweigh the costs. You go in for an early morning appointment, typically as soon as the office opens, and by the time the office closes, you have your dentures. And, they can do repairs even faster.

Talk to your dentist about same day dentures. If they can’t do it, consider going to a dentist who can. Even if you choose not to do the same day dentures, offices that offer this solution typically can get you your dentures faster than offices that don’t.


A More Affordable Solution to Same Day Dentures

January 6, 2010

I really like same day dentures, heck, I’ve devoted an entire blog to same day dentures. However, with all the great things I can say about them, there is a downfall – the price. Same day dentures can be a budget breaker for many on a fixed income.

There is a solution. Same day dentures are typically offered in dental offices with their own denture labs on-site. You typically get an early morning appointment then the office spends the day making your dentures so they’ll be ready for you by the end of the business day. This is where the premium price comes in – they’re working hard to make sure your dentures fit you perfectly within 8 -10 hours. If you’re willing to wait a few days, say 3 – 5, you can get your dentures quickly: and often without that added expense.

Most traditional dentures can take weeks, if not months, for you to receive. Rather than asking about same day dentures, consider asking if an office has an on-site denture lab. This can take weeks off the time it takes to have your dentures created since typically the impressions and measurements need to be sent to an off-site lab then sent back, etc. until the perfect fit is created. And, if you’re willing to wait a few days, let the office know and see if they’re able to give you a discounted price – usually they are!